How to take apart an imac g3 slot loading

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How do you insert a disc into a slot-loading iMac g3? I got a new iMac g3 with slot loading cd drive and I can't figure out how to put a disc into my drive. Can somebody help? Update: my drive is not pulling the discs in. It keeps pushing them out. Follow . 4 answers 4.

I want a Pioneer 433, but which one??? | AVForums You will probaby need to buy an RGB to VGA Converter but apart from that as you can see it is faily comprehensive on inputs. Macs Only! Apple Macintosh, PowerBook, iBook & iMac News It started out as an in-house tool, but it’s such a useful thing to have that the decision was made to release it publicly as freeware, and to include the source code with the download. Duo Digital Frame | Applefritter

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Imac G3 Slot Loading Disassembly - Is the CPU on the iMac G3 upgradable?. The CD drive on my girlfriend's iMac (CRT, slot-loading, circa 2001) is kaput .. The iMac G3 slot-loading DV 400 Hz also got a new “outfit” in summer 2000:. iMac G3 Take Apart - Apple Community

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Bghoo8313 describes how to swap an imac G3 hard drive. Unscrew knob on the hatch on the back of the computer unit. Remove the RAM and the card. Take out 4 screws, 2 on the top and the other 2 under the guard. Pry it open with a screwdriver. Take out the outer screws under the guard. iMac G3 Slot-Loading 350 Hz Indigo 2000 | iGotOffer Apart from this, the iMack G3 Indigo is identical to iMac G3 slot-loading revision A, but was3 Miscellanea. 3.1 Troubleshooting with iMac G3 Slot-Loading 350 Hz Indigo.In 2008, 7 years following the discontinuation, it took less than a minute for the iMac G3 Indigo to boot the Tiger OS.

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iMac G3 Model M5521 Repair - iFixit The iMac DV was a major jump forward in Apple's consumer strategy. Along with all the new features added to the iMac (Slot Loading), the DV also included a DVD-ROM drive, a larger hard drive, 2 FireWire ports (a consumer first), and a VGA out. How do you upgrade the RAM in the iMac G3 models? How much ...