A radial line slot antenna for an elliptical beam

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For comarison uroses, a unit cell without meandering and microstri line width equal to 50 m was also simulated in the same manner.

Radial line slot array antenna with broad beam is easily realized at frequencies in the lower part of super high frequency band. But emerging broadband mobile communication systems like the fifth generation target frequencies in the upper part of the band and beyond. Radial Microstrip Slotline Feed Network for Circular ... RADIAL MICROSTRIP SLOTLINE FEED NETWORK FOR CIRCULAR MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS ARRAY Rainee N. Simons% Eron S. Kelly, Richard Q. Lee and Susan R. Taub NASA Lewis Research Center, Mail Stop 54-5 21000 Brookpark Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44135 INTRODUCTION In mobile and satellite communications there is a need for low cost and low profile antennas which ... Radial Line Slot Antennas - Home - Springer References. Sumiyoshi H et al (1993) The feed circuit for exciting a rotating electric field in a radial waveguide. Takada J et al (1988) A beam-tilted linearly polarized radial line slot antenna. Takada J et al (1992) A reflection cancelling slot set in a linearly polarized radial line slot antenna.

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A traditional radial line slot antenna (RLSA) is a high gain planar array. To improve the power handling capacity, we design a radial line slow wave structure whichThis high power microwave (HPM) RLSA is fed from a double-layered radial line waveguide to realize the directional radiation of the microwave. Small Antennas for High Frequencies | Radiation Patterns

A Radial Line Slot Antenna for an Elliptical Beam.Large Depth of Field Pseudo-Bessel Beam Generation With a RLSA Antenna.

Fig.1: Front View of Antenna In the present paper, an elliptical microstrip patch antenna for Ultra Wide Band applications has been designed. We are using elliptical patch because it provides comparatively larger bandwidth than others. Fig.2: Bottom View of Antenna The partial ground plane method is used in this antenna, Radial line slot array antenna - NEC Space Technologies, Ltd.

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A Radial Line Slot Antenna for an Elliptical Beam - IEEE ... A radial line slot antenna (RLSA) with a quasi-elliptical aperture to create an elliptical beam is discussed in this paper. A simple feeding structure consisting of a coaxial feeder and two parasitic pins is designed to produce the feed pattern required for uniform illumination over the aperture. The Effects of Parasitic Superstrate Elliptical Shaped ... M.F. Jamlos, O.A. Aziz, T.A. Rahman, M.R. Kamarudin support layers on the performance of an elliptical shaped and P. Saad, “Reconfigurable Radial Line Slot Array microstrip patch antenna with random and unsymmetrical slots (RLSA) Antenna for Beam Shape And Broad-Side are presented in this paper. US Patent for Radial line slot antenna Patent (Patent ... 22. A flat, radial line slot antenna having a radial waveguide including a front plate and a rear plate, the front plate being provided with an array of radiating slots formed therein and an array of reflection cancelling slots formed in the rear plate, wherein the radiating slots in the front plate are arranged in an annular pattern and form concentric rings of slots in the front plate. (PDF) Elliptical Shaped Antenna With Parasitic Superstrate ...